Effect of Pegasus: People’s emphasis on the use of basic phones and multiple SIMs, WhatsApp-messaging stopped

By Sahil Razvii | Newshaly.Com

The Pegasus controversy has created a serious concern about the privacy and security of mobile users in India as no one could have imagined that cyber espionage would be so easy. After the revelation of spyware like Pegasus that only users’ numbers are needed to infect a smartphone, the conventional wisdom of the people about smartphone security is not working.

Billions of mobile users have learned that just a missed call can activate software in their phones that can track everything they do.

The only solution is to keep changing the phone frequently, but it is not easy for the common man. Former Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ashok Chand said, “It does not bother a common man in India. But it bothers those who are part of the power game whether it is business or politics. “Therefore, the only change I can see is that people who are very cautious about their privacy may start adopting multiple SIM cards for different purposes,” he added.

Well-known private detective Kunwar Vikram Singh says that he has experienced that people have started adopting basic non-Android-based phones, which cannot be tracked with the help of any spyware. “Such phones can only be tapped for which the government agencies will have to follow the due process laid down by the Supreme Court,” Singh said.

Shivam Vikram Singh, a cyber security researcher and co-author of The Art of Conjuring Alternate Realities, says, “A lot of people in cyberspace that I know have already switched off WhatsApp and messaging. However, the number of those who do so will be very less.

Shivam says that the use of mobile phones is such an essential part of life in the modern world that even after the Pegasus case, most users will hardly be able to stop using it. He said, “People may be more careful when opening unknown files or clicking on unknown links, or downloading untrusted applications, but most will probably continue to use it as is. A very small number of phone users, who are security conscious, will change their habits.”

Kazim Rizvi, founder of The Dialogue, is of the view that Pegasus has made people concerned about their cyber security. Rizvi said, “We can start paying more attention to cyber security. It is important that people start taking their privacy and security on their mobile phones more seriously, because in such an interconnected world we are always at risk from malicious cyber attacks and tools that can compromise our online security and can steal our data.”

Cyber ​​security experts say to keep the phone updated with the latest version of the operating system, not allow excessive data to apps, report any malicious activity that the user thinks, send OTP or any personal data through online means. Not sharing, using secure and encrypted means of communication, deleting browser cache are some of the additional measures that people will take to increase privacy and security.

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